MX-2UK 2"

IIntroducing the simplest, most flexible audiophile 3-way upgrade system you have ever heard. No other manufacturer comes close.

Keep your current woofer in the door and upgrade with MX-2UK-2 2" wide range mid-tweeter and 1.1" windshield mount image tweeter. You now have the best sounding, simple to install 3-way system you have ever experienced.

What makes this possible is a new, unique engineering marvel which opens the door to unique and easy installation of a variation of front-mounted 2 or 3-way systems using a mix of speaker components, with adjustability and tuning you never been able to do before the birth of the uniquely designed MX-1000SX crossover.

This incredibly ultra flexible E.Q. module will act as a 2 or 3-way crossover, depending on your specific system installation. This unit is specifically oriented to the use of very small 2-3 inch midrange drivers in a two or three way system.

This unique crossover marvel offers interactive crossover adjustability of the mid-range and tweeter, and a switchable conventional second-order or high-tech elliptic filter to cross over the tweeter. New and unprecedented functionality in this unit is highlighted by this dual-order, tweeter crossover

MX-2UK 2


MX-2UK 2"
Technical specs and contents
  • 1 pair MX-1000SX Ultra flexible E.Q. adjustable crossover
  • 1 pair 2" wide rage mid-tweeter
  • Mounting depth:1.26" (32mm)
  • Cut out diameter: 2.25" (57.1mm)
  • Outer diameter: 2.65" (67.5mm)
  • Magnet: neodymium
  • Sensitivity:86.0dB
  • Cone: Carbon reinforced
    1 pair 1.1" windshield mount image tweeter
  • Power handling: 200watt RMS (HPF 1,500Hz).
  • System frequency response:250Hz-20,000Hz



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